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Instructions for Court Action

To provide instructions for commencing Court Action please complete the following form.

If you want to instruct a pre-judgment remedy such as arrestment or inhibition please indicate this in the "Action to be taken" box. Details of these remedies can be found in 'Debt Recovery', within Judgment Enforcement

For a bank arrestment please provide details of the Debtor's bank account (If you do not know the bank details indicate this in the form and ask us to call you.)

If you know a third party owes money to your Debtor please indicate this clearly and provide us with the third party's contact details.

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Please confirm that by submitting this form to us you warrant that in so far as you are aware the debt is due to you and that you are unaware of any valid reason for its non payment.

Please read and accept Yuill + Kyle's Terms of Business.

We will issue proceedings against the defenders in the style exactly as instructed. If the name is not precisely correct you may be required to pay the defender's costs and Sheriff Officers fees. If the name is incorrect, then please advise us immediately.
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Contact our debt recovery specialists.Call 0141 331 2332

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