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23 October 2019Written by macroberts Category: Blog

Stephen Cowan will be presenting a CPD webinar on Tuesday 19 November 2019.

15 October 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

A Russian utility company has come up with a novel way to ensure it gets paid on time. Essentially, they dump a pyramid, weighing no less than three tonnes, on your front lawn with a variety of messages.

15 October 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

The case of Sell Your Car With Us Ltd v Sareen, decided in the English High Court in 2019, is a timely reminder that insolvency proceedings can be used as a form of debt collection, even although some judges frown upon the practice.

25 September 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

Charles Dickens is a British institution. His serial writings had a significant impact on the social consciences of the day, often highlighting the poverty and other hardships which existed in the early part of the 19th century. This may be hardly surprising as his books often drew from his own personal experiences. Born in 1812, his father, John Dickens, was a clerk in the Royal Navy. Aged only 12, the young Charles was sent out to work at a boot-blacking factory after his father had been imprisoned in Marshalsea debtors’ prison as a result of a £40.00 debt which he had failed to repay. This real life experience was fictionalised in the book, “Little Dorrit”.

22 July 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

You couldn’t successfully argue that Nicholas Wilson wasn’t persistent. That’s because he spent 16 years on a crusade to establish that HFC Bank and John Lewis Financial Services had overcharged thousands of people on debt payments. Both lenders are now part of HSBC.

19 July 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

English local authorities have been criticised for their overzealous debt recovery practices. In an article in July’s edition of “Local Gov”, the extent of the problem was highlighted, with council tax arrears accounting for no less than a third of debt issues which Citizens Advice deals with. This is a staggering figure, particularly when one considers that it exceeds credit card debt problems by 8%.

16 July 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

“No Mean City” is a 1935 novel. Describing life in Glasgow’s Gorbal’s district and the razor gangs, it painted a grim picture of violence and deprivation. It took generations for the city to lose this image, and today the Gorbals is now quite a trendy area with upmarket flats, restaurants and a theatre area.

But does Glasgow still deserve the “no mean city” epithet? Thousands of women employed by the city council will say that it does. And why should this be so?

01 July 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

“Vulnerable Debtor” is a phrase with which many in consumer debt recovery are familiar. Basically, it is a phrase which should alert a creditor to be cautious when attempting collection from a debtor who is “vulnerable”. Debtor vulnerability can take many forms and can display itself as a physical illness or where the debtor has psychological problems - often stress-related.

20 June 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

We are indeed indebted to Private Eye (no 1497) for drawing our attention to the latest Chinese concept for civil enforcement against defaulting debtors.

17 June 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

The boss of the Association of British Insurers, Mark Shepherd, has said that the number of insurance claims made so far this year has reached its highest level in ten years. What has brought this on?


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