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Insolvency with a heart: Bankruptcy Lawyers can be nice too!

29 August 2017 Written by Yuill & Kyle Solicitors Category: Blog

You know the old joke: 

Q  What is an insolvency practitioner? 

A  Someone who arrives after the battle and bayonets all the wounded.

Perhaps a little unfair and certainly so when it applies to U.S bankruptcy attorney Patricia Redmond.

In July 2017 US brides were shocked when they learnt that Alfred Angelo, the company from whom they had ordered their wedding dresses had gone bust and that the company was subject to a South of Florida bankruptcy process.  No fewer than 60 locked shops could not fulfil their orders.  With nobody answering the ‘brides to be question’ which was “Where is my gown” they were understandably in a state of shock.

With only weeks, and sometimes only days to spare, a white knight, in the form of bankruptcy lawyer Patricia Redmund, came to their rescue.  She tried her utmost to reunite the dresses with the hapless brides.

“When the stores closed each one had been instructed to mail out all property that had been specifically ordered from them”, she said.  About twenty dress shops had done this, she said.  “But it didn’t happen at some stores and I started to get lots of emails.  I said, wait a minute, maybe we can get these stores open”.

Keys for shops were being sent to the new trustee of the bankrupt company, though one woman in upstate New York needed her dress the very next day.  Ms Redmond asked the trustee to arrange for a locksmith.

She went to three shops personally – one in Baltimore and two in Florida and tried to open them.  Her staff called and texted those who were owed dresses and she let the operation run late into the evening so people could come after work.  All told, she received about ten thousand emails, saved scores of weddings and did wonders for the image of American bankruptcy lawyers.  “I’m pretty sure most people would have done what I did”, she said. 

And for any cynics out there – I’m sure UK insolvency practitioners would act in the same way!


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