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22 July 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

You couldn’t successfully argue that Nicholas Wilson wasn’t persistent. That’s because he spent 16 years on a crusade to establish that HFC Bank and John Lewis Financial Services had overcharged thousands of people on debt payments. Both lenders are now part of HSBC.

19 July 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

English local authorities have been criticised for their overzealous debt recovery practices. In an article in July’s edition of “Local Gov”, the extent of the problem was highlighted, with council tax arrears accounting for no less than a third of debt issues which Citizens Advice deals with. This is a staggering figure, particularly when one considers that it exceeds credit card debt problems by 8%.

16 July 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

“No Mean City” is a 1935 novel. Describing life in Glasgow’s Gorbal’s district and the razor gangs, it painted a grim picture of violence and deprivation. It took generations for the city to lose this image, and today the Gorbals is now quite a trendy area with upmarket flats, restaurants and a theatre area.

But does Glasgow still deserve the “no mean city” epithet? Thousands of women employed by the city council will say that it does. And why should this be so?

10 July 2019Written by Yuill & Kyle Solicitors Category: Blog

The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) has experienced significant difficulty in their finance teams, with many of their suppliers waiting on payments for months.

One such supplier has now engaged the services of a debt collection agency to recover payment, saying that he is owed thousands by the charity and has waited many months for payment.

04 July 2019Written by Yuill & Kyle Solicitors Category: Blog

Official figures have shown that many more Scots have been declared insolvent this year compared to last year. Personal insolvencies have risen over the previous four years, with a total of 12,788 people facing bankruptcy or protected trust deeds (PTD) in 2018/2019.  This was up by thousands compared to 10,602 people going bankrupt in the previous year.

There has been an 18.6 per cent rise in PTDs, which are formal, voluntary arrangements to transfer a person’s estate to creditors. However, traditional bankruptcies have actually fallen by 5.1 per cent.

01 July 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

“Vulnerable Debtor” is a phrase with which many in consumer debt recovery are familiar. Basically, it is a phrase which should alert a creditor to be cautious when attempting collection from a debtor who is “vulnerable”. Debtor vulnerability can take many forms and can display itself as a physical illness or where the debtor has psychological problems - often stress-related.

20 June 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

We are indeed indebted to Private Eye (no 1497) for drawing our attention to the latest Chinese concept for civil enforcement against defaulting debtors.

19 June 2019Written by Yuill & Kyle Solicitors Category: Blog

Late payments are a serious problem for Scottish and UK businesses. Research by accounting software company FreeAgent shows that two in five invoices issued by small companies were settled late in 2018. Free Agent used data from its 80,000-strong customer base to analyse late payment issues.

The Government have taken steps to tackle the late payment crisis, but there are a number of steps small businesses can take to mitigate the risk of late payment, which we have listed below.

17 June 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

The boss of the Association of British Insurers, Mark Shepherd, has said that the number of insurance claims made so far this year has reached its highest level in ten years. What has brought this on?

05 June 2019Written by Yuill & Kyle Solicitors Category: Blog

Small businesses are particularly at risk when it comes to unpaid debts. Even just a couple of late payments could put your business in a difficult situation, and as a result, it is essential that you take an active role in debt recovery. The process of debt recovery can be challenging and time-consuming, but unfortunately, for small businesses, a vital part of succeeding. While larger companies can afford to swallow losses, SMEs often simply do not have the money to ensure proper cash flow while carrying even smaller amounts of unpaid debt.


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