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28 January 2019Written by Yuill & Kyle Solicitors Category: Blog

A new method to calculate the financial situation of those who are in debt or facing bankruptcy should be postponed until significant reservations are addressed, according to Holyrood committee.

Following the Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee’s inquiry into the Common Financial Tool (Scotland) Regulations, the Committee recommended that a more comprehensive review should be carried out, and the introduction of the system be deferred a year until March 2020.

23 January 2019Written by Yuill & Kyle Solicitors Category: Blog

The number of Scottish registered companies failing rose more than 21 per cent during 2018, according to recent statistics. Analysis of the Accountancy in Bankruptcy (AiB) figures found 945 Scottish firms had failed during 2018 compared with 780 in the previous year, the highest annual number of corporate insolvencies since 2012.

Scottish companies which became insolvent or entered receivership increased by four per cent in the third quarter (Q3) of 2018-19, with 209 companies becoming insolvent compared with 201 in the same quarter of 2017-18.

17 January 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog
The Problem
Let’s assume that there is a written contract in place for the provision of office space. The licence fee payable is, of course, agreed. It’s a written contract and during its course the licensee falls into arrears and approaches the licensor’s credit controller to reduce the monthly fee and come to a repayment arrangement with respect to the debt which has built up. These negotiations are conducted over the ‘phone and a new ‘agreement’ is put in place to accommodate the licensee. However after the ‘agreement’ is struck the licensor terminates the license agreement arising from the licensees breach to pay the sums due under the original contract. Can the licensor renege on their credit controller’s oral revision of the contract?
10 January 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog
A number of news items have appeared in the press recently and other news sources focusing on rising levels of unsured debt and what can only be described as “debt misery”.
08 January 2019Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog
As featured in CCR Magazine.
Could Ryanair have scuppered a legal avenue for claims-management companies? 
26 December 2018Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

Many people will either receive or give store gift cards this Christmas.

The general public is well aware of the gift card debacle following the administration of the House of Fraser. Basically the administrators refused to honour them. They said that the gift card holders were unsecured creditors of the company. The net result is that, at most, they will receive only a few pence in the pound on the card.

27 November 2018Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

In a recent case a Russian oligarch feared for his life and was, apparently, the victim of a burglary conjured up by his ex-wife. And to make matters worse the ex-wife was accused of threatening to get him deported from the UK.

14 November 2018Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

The number of Scottish debts is on the increase. They rose by more than a third in the last quarter.

02 October 2018Written by Stephen Cowan Category: Blog

Inverclyde Council is the first Scottish Council to provide its residents with real-time help with debt. And with this being the first time which a council has provided live chat facilities no doubt some of Scotland’s other councils will soon follow suit. With the new service being available on the councils website.

28 September 2018Written by macroberts Category: Blog

As Stephen Cowan tells Scottish Business Insider, there are a variety of common sense measures which businesses can take to reduce the negative effects of bad debt.


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